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Steve Burns

Laura and Steve at Castaway Cay on a Disney Cruise

What To Do When It Rains During Your Cruise

During our recent Disney Cruise, we got some rain. Every day. Sometimes torrential downpours. Sometimes little showers. Sometimes just light sprinkles. And yes, we did see a few peeks of sun every now and then, but we mostly had clouds. And some rain. So what do you do when it …


A Letter about Vacations

Dear Uncle Ernie, Hello! How are you? And how is aunt Bertina? I hope you guys are doing well! We just got back from vacation. It was a really good vacation, as most all of them are. I can’t think of too many bad vacations, actually. I suppose some of …

50th Wedding Anniversary Disney Cruise

The 50th Anniversary Cruise

You may have read recently that we just returned from a Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream. But what I failed to mention in that post was the reason for this particular cruise. This time around, we were cruising in honor of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! They had said …

Laura and Steve at Junkanoo Beach in Nassau

Home from a Disney Cruise

We are back! If you did not notice that we were gone, I will try not to hold that against you. But try to pay better attention next time, okay? We just arrived home from a Disney Cruise. Yes, we have been on a few Disney Cruises before, but this …


A Letter about the Power of Power

Dear Reggie, Hello! How is my favorite cousin? Don’t tell all of the other cousins that I said that, by the way. It might start a riot or something. Let’s just keep that between us. And don’t ask if I tell that to all of the cousins, either, okay? Anyway, …