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Steve Burns

Colorful Winter Sunset

A Colorful Winter Sunset at Our House

The other day, I got home just as the sun was going down. There had been some clouds, but there were just enough breaks that the sun was peeking through slightly. So I did what any photographer/blogger/webmaster would do and ran inside to get my camera, hoping to capture something …

Street View in Mexico

Street Views in Mexico

During our cruise to Mexico last summer, one of our shore excursions was to the Mayan ruins of Xcambo and a nearby beach, getting there by way of the Jaguar Safari Bus. But for me, getting to our destinations was part of the fun. I am always interested to see …


Shine Incredibly

Happy New Year! I know what you are thinking. “Oh no, Steve has lost it. The new year started a month and a half ago. I hope he gets some help soon.” While it may not be your New Year, it is mine, because yesterday I finished up my 46th …