Shine Incredibly

Happy New Year! I know what you are thinking. “Oh no, Steve has lost it. The new year started a month and a half ago. I hope he gets some help soon.”

While it may not be your New Year, it is mine, because yesterday I finished up my 46th trip around the sun and started my 47th trip. But that doesn’t mean I am 47 years old, because as you may or may not remember, during your first trip around the sun you are 0 and not 1.

So yes, today is my birthday. Since someone always asks, I don’t actually feel any older. Except that this morning I was trying to look at my watch while wearing my sunglasses (with prescription lenses but not progressive lenses), and I about got a headache trying to focus on it. How ridiculous would it be to get progressive lens sunglasses? Can you still be cool with those?

Also, I was thinking about it and doing some math this morning. When my parents were the age that I am now, I was getting married. And when some of my grandparents were the age that I am now, I was being born. I don’t know that I feel old enough to be an in-law or a grandparent, but then neither of those things is on the horizon for quite a while, anyway.

But anyway, since today is my birthday, I have something new for you. Yes, usually the birthday person gets the gifts, but I have more than I need already, so I am giving one instead.

So here it is:

Shine incredibly card

What is it? Well for starters, it is a website/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. But more importantly, I hope it will be a way to encourage us all (including and especially me) to shine our lights for the glory of God, as we read in Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Not for our own glory, but for God’s.

How do you do that? That’s what I hope to explore, learn, and share more as the project goes on. It is a journey, one that we have been on since the day that we became Christians, and one that we will be on until we stop having birthdays completely.

So if you want to give me a gift, I would appreciate it if you would follow along on one – or even better, all – of the above accounts, spread the word, and go on this journey with me, so that we can see how we can serve our God even better!


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