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Looking Back: Epcot in 1995

Looking Back: Epcot in 1995

Time for another Looking Back post, this time looking at Epcot at Walt Disney World in 1995. By this time, the name had changed from EPCOT Center to just plain, mostly lower case Epcot. Changes were underway in the park as things were starting to change direction somewhat. These photos …


Looking Back: EPCOT Center in 1988

The Looking Back series continues with a look at EPCOT Center in 1988. Some things haven’t changed all that much since that time, while other things have changed quite a bit. Monorail Lime passes Spaceship Earth, as seen from the area near The Land. These days, Monorail Lime’s stripes are …


Looking Back: EPCOT Center in 1987

This installment of Looking Back looks at EPCOT Center from the summer of 1987, long before the name was shortened to the more generic and less exciting “Epcot.” For whatever reason, I didn’t take all that many photos of EPCOT Center on this particular trip, and several of the ones …