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Disney Railroads

Walt Disney was a railroad enthusiast. As a teenager, he worked on a railroad selling newspapers and magazines. In the early 1950's, he built an eighth scale railroad, which he called the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, in his backyard.

The earliest plans for Disneyland included a railroad, and Walt made sure it was included in the final plans as well. Similarly, the Magic Kingdoms in Florida, Japan and France each have a railroad. In California, Florida and France, the railroad circles the park. In Japan, it is found in Adventureland and Westernland, their version of Frontierland.

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Pictures and information:

  • No. 1 C.K. Holliday: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 2 E.P. Ripley: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 3 Fred Gurley: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 4 Ernest S. Marsh: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 5 Ward Kimball: Pictures | Statistics
  • Lilly Belle Presidential Car

    The Walt Disney World Railroad

  • No. 1 Walter E. Disney: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 2 Lilly Belle: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 3 Roger E. Broggie: Pictures | Statistics
  • No. 4 Roy O. Disney: Pictures | Statistics

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