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Wind on Castaway Cay

A Windy Day at Castaway Cay

During our 2017 Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream, the ship made not one but two stops at one of our favorite places, Castaway Cay, the Disney Cruise Line’s Bahamas Island. On both of those days, we had a bit of wind at times. As you can see here, the …

2017 Disney Cruise Box-1600

2017 Disney Cruise – Getting Ready

Welcome to the first part of the 2017 Disney Cruise Trip Report! As you may know, when we have gone on cruises, those trips have often been followed by rather lengthy, hopefully interesting trip reports. For example, you can read about our most recent Disney Cruise in 2015, along with our …

Disney Dream and a lavender sky

Disney Dream and a Lavender Sky

One of the nice side effects of the rain that we got during our 2017 Disney Cruise was that there were often some nice skies when there was not actually rain coming down, especially in the evenings. It is interesting what can happen when you mix in a little bit …

Laura and Steve at Disney's Wedding Pavilion

The Best Kind of Vacation

What is the best kind of vacation? A friend and I were discussing that recently. He had just gotten back from a beach vacation with his wife where they relaxed all week. Laura and I had just gotten back from a Florida vacation where we relaxed all week. We were …

Laura and the Cruise Ships in Nassau

Laura and the Cruise Ships in Nassau

Nassau is a popular stop with cruise ship, based on the number of ships that stop there. It is close to Florida, where many ships sail from, and it has nice beaches and places to visit. And besides, the Disney Cruise Line ships are even registered in the Bahamas, as are …