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Welcome to Burnsland, a collection of photography and stories from different places we have been over the years, original art, photo tips, and more. We hope you enjoy seeing the interesting places we have visited and reading more about them! Sometimes the places are far away, but sometimes the places are near to our home, and there have been several Disney trips and cruises, too. You never know what you might find wherever you happen to be. Enjoy!

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  • A Visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park - We visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with our good friends the Riedels.
  • Lego Dragon at Disney Springs - A dragon made of Lego blocks at sunset in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World.
  • Walking Across the Mississippi River Walking Across the Mississippi River - Taking a Walk Have you ever wanted to walk across the Mississippi River? Not like walking on water. I mean walking on a bridge, silly. Honestly, I had not thought too much about it. But then they opened the Big River Crossing ...
  • Daily Photo: Crossroads of the World - One of the first sights you see when entering Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is the Crossroads of the World. This is based on a very similar tower in the real Hollywood in California. Except that this one ...
  • Chip N Dale in the Plaza at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom - A statue of the chipmunks Chip N Dale is found in the Central Plaza of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, with Cinderella Castle in the background. When work first started to enlarge the Central Plaza (often referred to as ...
  • Are There Palm Trees in Mexico? - Yes, There Are Sometimes it is interesting to look at some of the search terms that lead people here to the Burnsland website. One of those terms that has come up more than once is "are there palm trees in Mexico." ...

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Husband, father, photographer, webmaster, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography and stories of places he and his wife Laura have visited here at Burnsland.com. Sometimes they travel as a family of three with their son, or sometimes just as a couple. Steve is also co-host of the Beyond the Berm podcast.

Steve and Laura enjoy beaches, Disney, cruises, nature trails, scenic views, and history. They live with their son and assorted animals in Williston, Tennessee. Read more at the About Burnsland page.