An Artistic View of Fort Pillow in Tennessee

An Artistic View of Fort Pillow in Tennessee

Do you ever have the urge to try something different? I decided to do something slightly unusual with one of the photos from our springtime visit to Fort Pillow in Tennessee, just to create something a little bit different. I had the idea of making a photo look something like …

2017 Disney Cruise Box-1600

2017 Disney Cruise – Pirate Night

As the 2017 Disney Cruise trip report continues, we have enjoyed a fun day at Nassau and are getting ready for Pirate Night… Once back on the ship, we rendezvoused with the rest of the family in our rooms, and it was time to start getting ready for the evening. …

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Epcot’s 35th Anniversary

This past Sunday was the 35th anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center, the second park at Walt Disney World in Florida. The park’s name has since been shortened to just Epcot, mostly lower-case and no “Center,” but those are not the only changes that the park has undergone. We …