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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The 2017 Solar Eclipse

In case you had not heard, there was a solar eclipse today, August 21, 2017. Of course, you could not miss hearing about it, with everyone talking about it, buying eclipse glasses, complaining about fake eclipse glasses, worrying about what the school children might do, worrying about what the pets …

Sardis Lake-1600

The Lake that Wasn’t There

Back in the fall, our church youth group had a retreat at Sardis Lake Christian Camp in Mississippi. You might remember a photo of a nice sunrise from the camp that I shared a few months ago. While we were there, the camp director suggested that we take a walk …


Follow Burnsland on Instagram

In addition to posting photos here at Burnsland, I also post photos at Instagram (you can add me there as burnsland, by the way). From time to time I will post a photo there that has already been posted here, to try to stir up more interest in the Burnsland …


Watching the Sunrise at the Fall Retreat

The sun rises in the early morning hours at Sardis Lake Christian Camp in Mississippi. Because when else would it rise than the early morning hours, right? This past weekend was our church’s youth group retreat, and I went along as a chaperone. Part of my job was to help …