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Tree of Life 111212-400

Looking Up at the Tree of Life

Looking up at the Tree of Life, the centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. As I understand it, this is a view that you can’t get any more. Sometime after our trip last December, a piece fell off of the tree, which if you didn’t know is …

Everest Sunburst 101712-400

Expedition: Everest Sunburst

This view of Expedition: Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with the sun coming through the trees, was from our trip last Christmas. Right around the Christmas season, the Disney parks see a sharp increase in crowds, which can turn away some people. And that is understandable. Because most people don’t …

Yeti Palace Hotel 061512-400

Daily Photo: Yeti Palace Hotel

Okay, so despite the title, this isn’t actually the Yeti Palace Hotel. But the sign on the side of this building at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World says, “Yeti Palace Hotel Opening Next Season.” Overall, I just like the look of the colorful building, which actually houses restrooms. …